Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In case people are anxiously awaiting the sound files from the last Test: I'm having a little trouble posting one of them on the hosting site. The site, an altruistic operation likely with limited resources and likely doing the best it can, seems to get a bit boggged down at times.


Blogger Daniel Sendecki said...

Hi Mark,

I'd be happy to "mirror" those files on the Ahadada servers for you -- as we have some bandwidth.

Ourmedia is cool, but does tend to get bogged down.

Work precluded me from getting out to the last Test. Must wait till next month!

8:09 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Hey Daniel,

Thanks very much for your offer. What's mirroring? Is that were a file is stored on two servers and the user gets whichever one works best at the time?

No problem about Test.


12:26 PM  
Blogger Daniel Sendecki said...

Exactly Mark -- you could provide a primary link to ourmedia and a secondary link to our server. If the ourmedia site is cranky then folks can grab it from our site and vice versa.

Margaret Christakos and Brian Joseph Davis were high on my list of gotta-see-ems. Oh well!

12:38 PM  

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