Thursday, April 06, 2006

Went to Harbourfront last night to hear Bill and Darren read and also to check out what Ken Babstock had to say. Bill and Darren read beautifully from Apostrophe, which is a nice thick tome, and Babstock confirmed that, while I'm not a huge fan of the kind of thing he's doing, his work is solid and worth reading further. Last night also confirmed that in my private hell, all poetry books will be by Don McKay. The guy seems nice enough, and I'm sure he means no harm, but his work actually makes me angry impatient. It's the way everything in the world of his poems lends itself willingly to his cuddly metaphors. The current M & S ad on Bookninja quotes a review calling McKay a "master of metaphor." I suppose it's right. And that's the problem.

Or maybe, you know, he's not the poet for me.

By the way, the same ad asks readers to "bask in the warm glow of four fantastic poets." I'm not even going to start on that one.


Blogger Clarity R. said...

wish i could've seen that reading. have to wait till the launch on the 19th.

artaud's ghost might like the burning bit?

or a graphic novel a la DC comics... "fantastic poets"...

ah, doesn't matter what's done with it. better, as you say, not to get started.


1:44 AM  
Blogger readrobread said...

It's not metaphor Mark it's McKay!

What I hate about weak 'lyric' voices is that they are just as willing as weak 'experimental' voices to be sloppy and lazy and not put much effort into LEARNING (take that as gathering of either or experience or more book reading - either AND BOTH ways) - and THEN skeptically approach the other side of the apparent polarization as if what they are doing is maybe not quite safe...not quite poetry.

Who gives a fuck about poetry?

That's some reality to the day.

Nice to see you last night by the way - best,


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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