Wednesday, March 22, 2006

'Twas a top-ten Lex last night, or would be if such lists were my habit. Stan Rogal's delivery was masterful and smooth, and his poems were eminently good-natured. Louis Cabri, meanwhile, in an effort to overcome the dim lighting, struck a pose—leaning forward off the stage, propped on the mic stand—that he claimed conjured Elvis, though it reminded me of a more than slightly academic Iggy Pop. (John Barlow would later strike his own extreme poses in the interest of light, though at the back of the stage and, at one point, holding a book open with his foot.) Cabri's foam poem, which began with play between the words "foam" and "form," was a highlight, as was his Elizabethan piece. Margaret Christakos forwent her open michelle reading to lead the audience in praising Nathalie Stephens and her new book, Je NathanaĆ«l, which Nathalie had launched with a transfixing reading. Stephens manages somehow to be intense while exuding calm. I'm looking forward to reading her book, which has a Gide character at its centre and seemed like an especially close meditation on the relationships between language and the body.

The open michelle was scary, out of control, and hot: from Maggie Helwig's recitation from memory of uninteresting Shakespeare to Kyle Buckley's.... well, I'm not even going to talk about it.

Actually, come to think of it, I'm going to turn over a new leaf and start ranking everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reasonably sure this is the first time my name has ever been used in the same sentence as the phrase "scary, out of control and hot".

-- maggie

10:48 PM  
Blogger functional nomad said...

What I would like to address, MH, is the possibility and the circumstance of the second. What can you imagine?

1:05 AM  

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