Thursday, March 09, 2006

So, yes, why "Test"? My first impulse was to go for the provocative and impish and call the series the Boring Reading Series, but then I thought that people—especially the readers—might not appreciate my humour (if there was any). So I cast about for a word that might connote a similar relationship to spectacle (at least as the latter popularly manifests itself, i.e., as something like effortless gratification), and, while reading a magazine, happened upon the word "test." Perfect, thought I. It carries the ideas of engagement and seriousness but also of provisionality, inquiry and openness and the possibility of unexpected results or malfunction. Plus, I think it sounds pretty sharp and a little funny.

Oh yeah, and don't take the seriousness too seriously. I hope the series will be fun as well, in a thoughtful way.


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