Thursday, March 23, 2006

On honesty: Why get excited about that which doesn't excite you anyway? People can usually perceive your level of interest. Maybe someday the work will interest you more, or maybe you'll figure out how to be interested.

And besides, when the words in an account feel right (and even illuminate something), why mess with them, unless of course they'll feel even better (or more real)?


Blogger MissWanda said...

Hi. I'm visiting your blog out of context, re. not having read what's come before. With that in mind, I was reading some Henry James today (only slightly against my will) and found this little neat thing. And I need to put it somewhere, so I'll put it here. Hope that's ok. Maybe it'll apply to this post. I don't really know though, because I'm not going to read it. Well maybe I'll read it after. Kind of a post-and-run.

Re. a general foreboding thing that is eventually going to, maybe, happen to this guy in this story, or so he thinks and constantly worries about, like, all the time. Some kinda "apprehension haunt".

She says: It's to be something you're merely to suffer?

He says: Well, to say wait for. Possibly destroying all further consciousness, possibly annihilating me; possibly, on the other hand, only altering everything, striking at the root of all my world and leaving me to the consequences, however they shape themselves.

She says: You want something all to yourself. Something that nobody else knows?

He says: It isn't a question of want. God knows I don't want anything.


Hope this little segment illuminates your post. If not, well, maybe that's ok too.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Clarity R. said...

do you know this feeling: sometimes there's a way that absolutely everything is, somehow, worth hearing?

1:49 AM  

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