Tuesday, March 21, 2006

As I got caught filling out a survey about the CBC website this morning, I thought of Paul Dutton's Speakeasy talk on the colonization of the arts by business speak, specifically the bit about his saying "neither—art" at the border when asked whether he was travelling on business or pleasure. I didn't know what to say when I was asked if I wanted to see more entertainment content (knowing the question likely means stuff like poetry as well as coverage of the Oscars). Annoyed as I am by the subsumption of the arts by the entertainment industry, at least according to the media, I went literal and said no. Should I have said I was part of a club or other social organization in the bit about how I spend my free time? I was tempted. As they stand, my responses give a pretty inaccurate picture.


Blogger Clarity R. said...

exactly, exactly.

funnels, justification, results that are ahead of the survey.

in robarts the other week there were surveys asking about the stacks, computer, and other usage. pink paper surveys on the counter. sharp little dark yellow pencils in a box.

thank heaven they were paper, with pencils.

i started filling one in, terrified about what it meant.

standing in line with about six other book-laden folk, it didn't cross my mind for a moment that the surveyors might really want to know what we thought.

maybe this is too dark.

it's just a library, just a tv network...

2:28 AM  

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