Friday, February 17, 2006

A weird thing I've been noticing lately: I frequently have memories (often dream-like) of text I haven't actually read by that is near text I have (e.g., I'll read an article on a left-hand page in a magazine and have the sense that I've already read something similar when I get to the article on the right). I imagine this kind of peripheral-vision reading is common (likely as a kind of unconscious prereading), but it's something I've noticed myself doing since I've been copyediting (I've found myself catching misspellings on right-hand pages while I'm editing the left). What's interesting though (at least to me) is that my peripheral-vision reading is often more playful—and, paradoxically, sometimes more attentive—than my focused reading, and I frequently come up with quasi-dyslexic readings through it (for instance, my now infamous reading of a sign in Ottawa that said "nicest cleaning" as "incest cleaning"). Today, while reading my e-mail and seemingly out of the blue, I had a vague thought that it would be funny if I were to get a message from Carmine Starnino with a subject line like "increased stamina." When I clicked on the arrow and went back to my main e-mail page, there was to my surprise a spam message with that very subject line beneath the message I had just read, but, alas, it was from someone named Carmine Santiago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do you want increased stamina?

- Carmine Santiago

12:47 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Sure. Who wouldn't? (Is there such thing as too much?) What are ya charging?

1:03 PM  

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