Monday, January 02, 2006

Off the cuff on Ron Silliman's post on Shift & Switch: About half the time, my response is almost identical to his (also, I really wish the introductions had been copyedited better, but that's probably just an expression of an obsession of mine). The other half, I admire the anthology's scrappiness and willingness to appear uncoordinated. I think that the anthology captures what it feels like to be part of the scene—to be caught up in the welter—as opposed to pretending to present it as an object of some kind. The editors are part of what they're documenting, and I think they're honest about this position in their approach. Does this make for a good anthology? I don't know. I have to admit that I have trouble settling on any kind of opinion regarding Shift & Switch, partly I guess because I'm in it and partly because I count the editors as friends. Are readers invited to take a similar position? Will the ones not included be prompted to show up at a reading and join the fray? Is Shift & Switch a generative anthology then?


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