Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This post is coming at you through a wall of snot. Enjoy!

Last Friday I went to Poetry Projections, the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto's night of poetry and film, which paired 14 poets with 14 filmmakers. The films were quite good, though since they were short and many, I'm not sure I can remember them well. A few stood out: Darren Wershler-Henry's and Mishann Lau's setting of one of Darren's and Bill Kennedy's Apostrophe Engine poems was hilarious (it starred Darren O'Donnell as four or five crazed office workers). I enjoyed Rachel Zolf's and Sarah Parker's work, but I must admit that my response may be the result of my enthusiasm for their seed material, Zolf's current project, Human Resources, more than anything.

The film that has stuck with me though is Paul Vermeersch's collaboration with Allyson Mitchell. Because there was a lot going on (Vermeersch read live in front of the film), I'm not sure how much of my memory is a projection (ha!) of my own curiosities and how much corresponds to what actually happened, but I don't know if it matters. What I found striking was Mitchell's film's wholehearted agreement with, or maybe intensification of, the speaker of the poem's self-deprecating tone. Yes, the film poked fun at the poem's speaker, which struck me as a novel feature in a collaborative work in that it mimicked antipathy between the two media. It prompted me to go a step further and wonder what a collaboration based on disagreement would look like. It seems to me that most are based on some form of consensus. Or am I just not looking at the right collaborations?


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hey Mark, if you want collaboration in disagreement try that Atone book i gave you - (although AEM might not agree that we are in disagreement) - our more recent collaborations are even more so (see also Open Letter, Closed Book for a more overt and less art-veiled version of the same)


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