Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And now, by popular demand, the three stars of Saturday night's game as chosen by Mark and Lisa (we were just about at gondola level, so we consider ourselves qualified):

1. Aki Berg
He may well be one of the reasons for Belfour's wandering, but the dude made some nice plays. We remember one beautiful poke check and a nice sprawling shot block. How is the guy supposed to fulfill his role as a standup defenceman if he's terrified to show his face in public? Be nice. This post is brought to you by the Friends of Aki Berg.

2. Steve Begin
Hoo hoo hoo. Ha ha ha. Thanks to Brenda for the reminder.

3. Milk and the Jumbotron producer
Hey, ho, lait's go. What is that? Is nothing sacred?

4. The pee wees who were on the ice between the second and third periods, specifically the one who was on a breakaway as the ice crew moved the net. Hey, Ice Man: We know you're on a schedule and it's your job, but this could have been a highlight of the poor kid's career.

5. Ed Belfour
After hours analyzing audiotape of the crowd, we have determined that the supportive "Ed-EE, Ed-EE" did in fact drown out the razzing "BEL-four."

Later: extra bonus stars:

6. French vocab: let's hear it for "prolongation." That means overtime. Thanks to our new friend, the guy who was in the seat to Mark's right.

7. The civilized people of Montreal: We saw at least three Lindros jerseys in the crowd, and there wasn't blood or beer or anything on them.

8. Jon Paul Fiorentino. All hail our man at the Copacabana.


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