Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Funny. Last week I was asking the oft-mentioned-recently-'round-these-parts Bill Kennedy to explain metal (as in music) to me. He claims, more or less, that metal's appeal is visceral and that it comes directly from the low end of the tonal spectrum. (He went on to describe the effect on his bowels of standing near a speaker at a particular show. Nice.) So, by coincidence, it turns out that one of the most charming couples I know is debuting as a 'new metal' duo tomorrow night at Sneaky Dee's. Nadja is Aidan Baker and Leah Bukareff, who together or apart are always doing something interesting, whether it be launching a new record or poetry collection, printing an indie comic, making cool books, or helping to organize the Pedal to the Metal Craft Fair. (Leah also did the stunning window display for my book at Book City on the Danforth.) So go see them, with Khanate, Knurl, and DJ Miss Barbrafisch, $8–10 (so saith Zoilus).


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