Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pontiac Quarterly

It was fun. Damian puts on a slick yet warm show. Lots of friends. Lisa tells me my reading was good, though of course it didn't feel it. I've only done three readings that felt good immediately afterward (Hamilton [GritLit], Ottawa, and Milwaukee). All the rest have been disasters. Just kidding. Andrew Kaufman did a memorized story-telling kind of thing. Claudia Dey read a good passage from her play Beaver, which wasn't quite as disturbing as what she read at the Box (or was it just me?). The essay on a high school class's reception of A Steetcar Named Desire was hilarious and pretty interesting.

Jay's IV reading

What I found most notable about Jay's reading was his revelation that the Lack Lyrics were composed through an e-mail conversation he had with himself while sitting around at work after learning he was going to be downsized. I've always thought that the Lyrics have the feeling of a mental rehersal of a confrontation, so it was interesting to discover that Jay has developed a technique that more or less externalizes this dynamic. This supports my idea that the forms and procedures Jay uses in his poetry are always consciously tied to his life and are in some sense then almost autobiographical.

In other news, the issue of filling Station with my Speakeasy text showed up in the mail. Cringe. Good stuff otherwise though.


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