Saturday, July 16, 2005

Scream mainstage

I don't know, I thought the mainstage night was pretty good as a cross-section of the various Toronto lit. communities, which is what I think it functions as. I find getting a sense of what people whose poetics I don't share are doing useful as a means of getting my bearings. A few highlights:

While I wasn't completely convinced by his reading or his poetry, Michael Holmes somehow won me back (Lisa too) from wanting to throw something hard at him when he came out on stage.

I enjoyed Karen Hines's reading, though it wasn't as convincing as others of hers I've seen. She seemed a bit nervous, which, given the size of the crowd and her lack of makeup, is understandable. Still, I got a better sense of the weave of her satire than I have before.

I liked Emily Schultz's reading. I'm confused though by the reaction to her mention of "Owner of a Lonely Heart." I laughed because I've always thought of the song as utter Cheez Whiz. Has it picked up some form of ironic credibility in the past few years?

M. NourbeSe Philip's inverted anaphora on is: two thumbs up.

The words of our man Jordan Scott's blert are solid in themselves, but together they vibrate, fold, splinter, and, yes, stutter. At times, in their diffuse metaphorical relationships, they flutter. Scott read slowly facing slightly to the side of the stage under minimal and focused light. There were moments when I thought he was casting a spell.


Blogger Nadia said...

I seem to recall that "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was mentioned in Emily's story as an emblem of the fact that, at the historical moment of the story, Yes had truly jumped the shark, to the distress of people who liked them When They Were Cool. (Was Yes ever cool? Yay, something I'm too young to remember!) If few others laughed, it's because they weren't listening as carefully as you.

Oh, and I still owe you an omelette.

1:06 AM  
Blogger a.raw said...

my dears, elaborate response to the YES question on my blog...

2:48 AM  

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