Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday night's Scream event: As can now be revealed, the Music of No Mind: The First Jakeson Lecture was in fact David Helwig reading his novella The Stand-In in its entirety. The minimal staging (a lectern, a glass of water) lent the reading a theatrical aspect, and Helwig's delivery was likewise subtly dramatic. The two hours or whatever flew by as Helwig played the tweedy crackpot professor and made his way through his frequently hilarious and forever meandering monologue. (The time probably passed even more quickly for the guy sitting down the bar from me who drank at least eight double espressos during the first two chapters and then abruptly left.) Good chats after with Margaret Christakos, John Barlow, and Michelle Cross.

Saturday night also boasted the only Scream schedule conflict, but thankfully Angela has blogged about Youth Scream. I promised Maggie, who organized the lecture, that I'd be there before I knew when Youth Scream was, so my mind was made up for me. Let's hear it for passive decision making and general disorganization!


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