Monday, July 11, 2005

Lisa and Mark's invisible dance contest

Little did the guests at Saturday night's Scream Gala know it, but those who took to the floor during Luther Wright and the Wrong's performance were being judged, and they were being judged harshly. Everyone knows that as a rule writers aren't the best dancers, but that doesn't keep them from notable accomplishments on the dance floor. Here are the results of Lisa and Mark's first annual invisible dance contest:

Best use of hair as a distraction from truly goofy moves: Bill Kennedy

Most humane use of restraint to avoid embarrassing those who really can't dance: Sharon Harris, Angela Rawlings, and (we think) Marianne Apostolides

Most sincere expression of the sheer joy of rhythmic movement: Hugh Thomas

Dancer most pleasing to the deities of chaos and order: John Barlow

Best argument for the benefits of sleep and caffeine deprivation: Maggie Helwig

Greatest distance kept from the dance floor after having been pulled onto it: Charles Checketts

Congrats to all contestants for their skill and courage. Congrats especially to Christina Palassio for putting together a great night.


Blogger a.raw said...

LOL fantastic! similarly, jordan, jen, conor, and i were engaging in the invisible dance contest at the Fringe later that same night. ESP.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Best argument for the benefits of sleep and caffeine deprivation"

i have no idea what this means, but hey, i won something, so cool.


8:28 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Yeah, I have no idea what it means either. You told me you were sleep and caffeine deprived, and I wanted to give you an award.


9:20 AM  

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