Thursday, June 16, 2005

I realized yesterday that one of the reasons I've felt so unanchored these past eight or so months is that I've given up my customary approach to reading. I tend to read extremely slowly. I'll read a poem or a small group of them over and over for a period of days or even weeks. For me, half of reading is spending time with the text somewhere in the back of my mind while I let my thoughts wander or while I engage in various tasks. This might mean reading a small bit for an hour and then taking a long walk or vacuuming or something and then coming back. Then I might eat and read the bit again. Sleep. Eat, go to work, take out the recycling, etc, read the same bit. Watch TV. Write. Read. You get the idea. Not so much crystallization as an attempt toward embodiment or a pulling through life. A living-with in any case.

Lately, though, I've been trying to plow through stuff in order to cover more ground. I've got great stuff on the go by Jordan Scott, Kemeny Babineau, and Stacy Szymaszek in addition to a long-term look at Zukofsky. Now I've got books by Thomas A. Clark (thanks, Ron) and Andrew Suknaski (thanks, Kemeny) out of the library and waiting. I want to read all of them (and a hell of a lot more). Each needs time though. I figure I owe this stuff all the attention and inattention I can give it.


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