Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Please come out tonight

If you're within travelling distance, please come to the Cameron House for tonight's installment of Lexiconjury, which will feature
  • Hamiltonian Gregory Betts, who to my knowledge rarely reads in T.O. but whose work is some of the most interesting I've seen in a while

  • beloved Torontonian Derek McCormack, who will be unveiling his forthcoming Anansi Christmas book (this might even be the world premiere!)

  • Calgarians TEAM (Brea Burton, Jill Hartman, and Cara Headley), whose outrageous performance stylings revel in the multiple and, I predict, will wake some of us smug hogtowners up from our slumbers

  • the fabulous open michelle: 1 original + 1 cover

Cameron House (backroom)
408 Queen Street West
8:00 p.m., doors at 7:30 (get there early, because those stairs can be mighty hard on the old rear end)


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