Thursday, May 26, 2005

Greetings from the Chicago Public Library, which is very clean. I just licked a table. Lisa says they should do more for teenagers. Though there's a big Teen Chicago exhibition coming up. Way to go.

Some controversy over that essence post. I guess I meant fun to proceed as if with an essence in view only to allow the getting there to fall apart. Pseudo-naivete. Pushing the logic until it breaks. Take it easy. (Friendly smile, which is often a sign of submission in primates.) What do I know? I'm on vacation.

Chicago has been fun so far. Not much of a walking city though. As in you may still need hiking shoes and a canteen when you get off at your stop. People are really friendly. I think there's a somewhat high-strung politeness here that's similar to what you find among Torontonians. Lots of sorries on the sidewalk. Maybe it's the proximity to a great lake. You know, radiation or something. Anyway, people here have nice haircuts.

In other news, Stu Ross has a blog. He's in Norway.


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