Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fun times

I'm no Belinda Stronach fan, but isn't it fun to watch Stephen Harper twist in the wind? Call me an optimist, but I like to think we're witnessing the death throes of neoconservativism in Canadian party politics. Of course political discourse is another story. Okay then, are we just losing a visible target?

Lex was fun last night, if a little weird. Fun to hear Derek mess with history that's a little closer to home; fun to find out that Gregory Betts, in addition to being an incredibly interesting writer, is a gifted performer; fun to meet the lovable beer-swilling three-headed monster that is TEAM; fun to witness the open michelle living up to its gender (and a chance—almost missed due to the ineptitude of the guest host—to hear one of Maggie Helwig's first poems in years!). Slightly weird to do it all in what felt like a television studio. (I'm curious about Book Television's motivation for doing a series on poetry.)

In other news, it's okay to go back to sleep. P.S. I didn't see all that much in the Canadian media either.


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