Thursday, May 19, 2005

From the something-in-the-air department: mere hours apart, Brenda Schmidt approves of the notion of a salon-like house reading series in which there is "space for conversation between reader and audience" and Russell Smith almost complains about the commodification of the author in his Globe and Mail column (use Google news for free access: "Why read it? Sign it, so I can sell your book").

From the phobia department: this morning, on a bridge over the Don Valley Parkway, I realized that the way I deal with my fear of bridges is to look straight ahead, toward my destination. As soon as I look to the side, at where I actually am, at the movement all around me, I'm sunk, though the vertigo is thrilling. Interesting to think about this in terms of reading.

LATER: I guess I should have specified the "standard" mode of reading. What I mean of course is that I love looking down in a text.

In other news, saw a "for rent" sign in Another Story's window.


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