Tuesday, May 31, 2005

First, a familiar quotation:

A. A violent order is disorder; and
B. A great disorder is an order. These
Two things are one. (Pages of illustrations.)
Yes, we are back from Chicago and Milwaukee (you decide whether the above is related). A wonderful time was had by us.

Chicago, part 1, in which Lisa and Mark played tourist and took the Architecture Society's river tour and visited many of the usual suspects: the Museum of Contemporary Art (which, get this, had a show on tourism), the Art Institute, Millennium Park, Lula Cafe, the Empty Bottle, and the Starbucks on Michigan Avenue.

Milwaukee, in which Lisa and Mark keyed in to the relaxed pace, took a walk in the park, and nearly got wiped out by a stunt kite. Mark read, thanks to Stacy Szymaszek and Kiki and Mali Anderson, at the glorious and homey Jody Monroe Gallery to a friendly crowd composed of many non-poets (!): met were, among others, Mark the mime, poet David Baptiste Chirot, filmmaker Jennifer Montgomery, photographer Dean Johnson, Nicky Glory of the Singing Flowers, and poets Roberto Harrison, Jackie Lalley, and Matt Cook.

Chicago, part 2, in which Lisa and Mark stayed with the eminently hospitable Chuck Stebelton and his partner Cathy. Mark read at the Myopic Bookstore with Luis Valadez (whose name Mark now realizes he misspelled on the readings page). Luis rocked the house with his easygoing and highly attuned work, after which Mark delivered his customarily neurotic fare. Excellent beer afterwards with the likes of the legendary Richard Huttel, Nathalie Stephens, Chuck, Cathy, Luis, and Kate.

In the news: hey, Said Like Reeds or Things has been shortlisted (along with books by Pierre Nepveu, A.F. Moritz, and Aislinn Hunter) for the ReLit poetry award.


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4:12 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

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Blogger Mark said...

Thanks, Brenda. Hope your tour went well.

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Blogger rob mclennan said...

very cool! hope you win; a very worthwhile collection of poems.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Thanks, rob!

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