Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A visual artist after my very heart

Christian Bök on Micah Lexier:
In True Three Ways (Word Count, Letter Count, Line Length) Lexier performs an almost Oulipian exercise by writing in pale, neon tubing: "the thing/half/two times the thing". The poem is true if, for example, "the thing" considered is letter count, since the first line contains "the thing" (eight letters), while the second line contains "half" (four letters) and the last line contains "two times the thing" (16 letters). While he knows that such conceptual artwork often uses textuality to dematerialize the experience of artistic "thingness," his own procedural writing uses textuality to rematerialize the experience of artistic "wordiness"—aestheticizing the internal, rational logic of language itself.
from "Micah Lexier: Still Counting" (Canadian Art, Spring 2005)


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