Monday, April 25, 2005

TGIF, or, why we're going where we're going

When I feel totally down about the world, I remind myself that Rick Salutin has a national column. I know he's a token lefty in a right wing paper, but at least there's a tiny bit of space for something vaguely resembling thought about current events in the mainstream media.
It's a shame. I mean, and I know this sounds a bit stupid, why should truth matter so much? Especially since, as Nietzsche said, “Our apparatus for acquiring knowledge is not designed for knowledge.” He meant our minds. What are they designed for? Wondering. Pondering. Asking. There are times when it's nice to know, and times that it's necessary. But those tend to be specific moral or practical moments. On broad metaphysical or theological questions, what is the urgency, really? Hannah Arendt wrote that we expect truth to come from thinking because we mistake the urge to think with the urge to know. Where knowing works best, in science, it is always tentative, gradual and rejoices in overturning what it once knew.
And then I think to myself, is this it?


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