Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ottawa report (Don't you key that brand new Camry)

Fun reading Friday night after a great ride in (Lisa and I found Rachel Zolf in line for the train). Wigged Wanda O'Connor treated us to some of her subtly projective lyrics, Rachel read from her current manuscript, in which she investigates the relationship between the commercial writing she does for her day job and her artistic work, and I did a slightly anarchic version of my schtick. Tired drinks and passing of the birthday baton after, with, among others, Rachel, Wanda, rob, Max Middle, and Susannah Smith.

Saturday: Beautiful day with N.E. Thing Co. et al almost ruined by right wing freaks in front of the supreme court. Remind everyone who wants to vote Conservative to punish the Liberals that the Tories hang with people who say that homosexuality is immoral. Also, please remind them that Stockwell Day would be our minister of foreign affairs.

Sunday: Lazy day in the market, and then a train ride home. Had the opportunity to dig in to some of my birthday CDs. Okay, Jason McBride is right for once in his life. The Fiery Furnaces' EP may well have keyed in to a pop culture vector as Beck's Odelay did in 1996. Somehow the Velvet Underground and Television chill with Foxtrot-era Genesis, and Kate Bush finds her place beside Joplin. That would be Scott, by the way. "Tropical Iceland" is a pure pop confection straight from the corner store's freezer. Think "Cannonball" among the Klondike bars. See if you can keep your finger off the repeat button.

LATER: So little did I know that EP is a collection of B-sides. I'm surprised, because it's pretty damn coherent. Better than Blueberry Boat methinks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason McBride--right once in his life? Man, you should rename this blog to Said Like Insults to Jason McBride or Things.

Wait'll you see my summer pants.

7:19 PM  

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