Monday, March 28, 2005

Random notes

Did some writing by procedure this morning and thought the result "wasn't like me" (lots of name dropping, an appearance by Daffy Duck), but I guess that's part of the point. Was this palpable confirmation that brand (see Silliman) does play a role in writing? I hazard to state that taste does enter into almost all writing regardless of the mechanisms put in place to circumvent it. For example, we still, unless we're inhumanly disciplined, choose what sees the light of day, no?

Saw The World last night and wondered if commercial "art house" theatres have abandoned, with a few exceptions, the culturally vital film and invested entirely in Miramax landscape porn* and charming or quirky flicks about disfunctional families. I guess this happened a long time ago and I just didn't notice. Time for that Cinematheque membership? Do go and see The World if you can.

* Nothing against landscape in film itself. I love Terrence Malick's films of the 70s for instance.


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