Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Big idea, part 1

Okay, so here's my idea. A website dedicated to reviews, notes, and essays that assume that writing is a means of thinking (or that writing is thinking, or that writing contributes to thinking). These reviews, etc., would be cartographic rather than evaluative: they would discuss the implications of the work under hand rather than whether or not it's worthy of purchase (i.e., the site wouldn't be a consumer's guide). It would deal with poetry and prose and other artistic writing in all formats: books, chapbooks, magazines, broadsides, leaflets, performance, sound work, visual work, electronic work, etc., from a Canadian perspective (i.e., it would deal mostly with recent Canadian work, but not exclusively). There would be two components of equal prominence to the site: a "real time" component with "shotgun" reviews and accounts of books, readings, magazines, etc., as well as reading lists, notes, comments, and musings, and an edited (this includes copy edited) magazine component with solicited or proposed pieces. Obviously, the magazine component would adhere more closely to the focus outlined above.

Just toying with the idea now, but I'd appreciate any thoughts. Feel free to e-mail or comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes, please.


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