Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lex last night

I tell you, Angela and Bill are veritable geniuses. After last month's boisterousness, which threatened at times to blow the roof off the poor Cameron House, our dynamic duo returned with some subterranean homesick sign work to cast a quiet spell over last night's Lex. But fear not, underneath the hush were quiet quakes of pure Lex energy all the more intense for its containment.

Highlights from this all-star all-female evening (i.e., some things that stick to my mind at the moment): Margaret Christakos read from some new work in which words disembodied from their speech acts spoke somehow hauntingly and directly at the same time. I'm still mystified by how Christakos can make such disjointed work feel so inhabited. Sandra Alland, who to be honest I was lukewarm about going into the evening, won me over with more homolinguistic Beckett translations. This reading was slightly longer than the last time I heard her read from this project, and she was better able to show its range and, especially, its humour. And the group reading of Rachel Zolf's Masque, in which the various voices of the book had a chance to by turns overlap and stake out their own space.

Not to sound all gushy and everything, but Bill and Angela have my limitless admiration for their ability to curate a series that, through thoughtful revisioning and renewal, seems to get fresher each month. Congrats.

UPDATE: Check out Nadia Halim's account on her new blog.


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