Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday evening poem blogging

Ah, tired (and properly so)

Tread on me.
"That's fresh string,"
crooned Kenny Rogers
on that ol' shanty from
the sea, you know
the one about photocopiers?
I think it might be called
'AND architecture,' or
'if silver wants to be gold
will it turn green?'
Or maybe it was
'Captain Marmaduke
and the Pirates' Cove.'

Critical Tour

Bustle up and hustle a russ
the thistle that takes is a dance
bushward for cosmetics, free us
or let us die an original cake before
a farewell fleet of copies

Jason Christie, from The Bells (Wood & Coal, 2005)

From Excerpts from an Ongoing Narrative of Some Length


is as fizzy does, a bear on the other
side of the mountain, bitterly disappointed.
I'm not convinced these candidates exist,
let alone deserve Secret Service protection.
Long way to go. Just flip coins at forks in the road,
You Big Dope. Yeah, I've kept your promise right here.
Candidate sexist. Marmalade delicious. "Marmaduke"
still in the papers! Years later! Still stupid!
Not as good as "The Lockhorns," also
still there.

from 84.

You have taken all the fun from statistical
analysis with your constant harping upon the feral
children of Oregon. None of this gore will satisfy the audience
nor will this goon know what's good for it, feeding ore
unceasingly into the machine that refines it into equilateral
triangles. Grit and pluck will get you to Cleveland. Leave enough
fruit on the ground for the elves to survive another
purge. Peg the president hard, cover him with jelly, remove
the eyes and candy them for company. Pay up, no, mop more,
these linoleum floors are where our ancestors perished
so that we might be entertained. Train the pups to want you.
Hey, make mine thistle and strawberry, hold the sprinkles.
Know your trick's kink by the cut of his seersucker. Reek
of the wrong food. You will want to do good,
will want to help the world be all that it can
Be, an army of one big onion soup mix suddenly
available through the agency of World Bank-sponsored micro-loans.

Kevin Davies, in Tolling Elves no. 23


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