Sunday, January 02, 2005


1. Stop the Internet. Okay, more like don't get up and surf every time I wonder what the weather's like in Milwaukee today. Make my time online more concentrated and productive.

2. Finish more books. These resolutions are all about focus. No more drifting when someone mentions a book that sounds absolutely necessary and vital. I will just add it to my list and get to it when I finish what I'm currently reading.

3. Contribute more to my community, poetic and otherwise. Go to more readings and write about them. Review books and chapbooks. Work on BafterC. Think seriously about starting a reading series. Build bridges not walls. Go to some of those dorky sounding community meetings.

4. Redesign my Web site. Make it more useful to me and to others. Integrate my blog and the book site. Use my site to plan my reading, etc., and to share it with others.

That's it. Or at least that's all I'm posting here. I figure I have a better chance of upholding my resolutions if I make a reasonable number of them.


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