Monday, January 03, 2005

Reading list 1

Group A (one at a time)

Eigner, Larry. areas / lights / heights
Benveniste, Emile. Problems in General Linguistics
Blanchot, Maurice. The Space of Literature
Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Philosophical Investigations (second attempt, after being interrupted)

Group B (ongoing in the background)

Zukofsky, Louis. "A" (reread)

Group C (finishing what I've started; one at a time)

Szymaszek, Stacy. Some Mariners
Thomas, Hugh. Mutations
Read, Rob. 18 Full English Breakfasts
MillAr, Jay. ESP: Accumulation Sonnets
Prize Budget for Boys. Spectacular Vernacular Review

Group D (for reviews; likely on days off)

Ball, Nelson. At the Edge of the Frog Pond
—. With Held
—. The Concrete Air (reread)
—. Almost Spring (reread)
—. Force Movements (reread)
—. Pre-linguistic Heights (reread)
(plus anything else by Ball that I can get my hands on)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nelson Ball edited Frank Harrington's Krissmiss Story, an early Mercury title. Let me know if you have interest in obtaining this curious hardcover photograph-filled book. I can ask Bev how much it sells for.


8:51 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Hey Angela,

Thanks. I'm a bit broke, so I've been hitting Robarts for most of the stuff I don't already have. Let me think, and I'll talk to you Tuesday.


8:47 PM  

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