Sunday, December 12, 2004

On on on over

Thus was my response to Kyle Buckley's request for four words, of which at least two must be prepositions, to describe my own Speakeasy appearance. (No, honestly, it was a lot of fun thanks to good questions and comments from Kyle, Adam Seelig, derek, Angela Rawlings, Pete Huggan (I think), Jay, Neil Hennessey, and Stuart Ross.)

Derek Beaulieu lead a discussion on the state of the Canadian micropress that started with an account of his own housepress experience and of his decision to shut the press down and ended with a lively discussion of the poetry community's place in the larger economic and political sphere. Among thoughts I've come away with: the fact that the response to a press's work can be more "structural" than verbal, the need for some kind of review forum, the possibility of "leveraging" (that's the last time you'll see me use that word that way) the influence of people who have it (I mean, why do we have a poet laureate anyway?), and the wide range of reasons for which people start micropresses and the equally wide range of visions they have for them.

Speaking of economics (gift and otherwise), here's my haul from the Apollinaire's Bookshoppe table and from various people in the audience (don't worry mom, I used my talk payment at the table):

Some Design Issues: Crystal Goblets and the housepress Digest, Neil Hennessy
Pencil of Rays and Spiked Mace, Niels Lyngso
ESP: Accumulation Sonnets, Jay MillAr
Open Letter, Closed Book [ed: an intriguing, and self-reflexive I'm guessing, objet], Rob Read
Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture, Lisa Robertson
Hands Face, Adam Seelig

P.S. I'll post the text of my talk to the "Reviews and Notes" section of my site. This will be followed quickly by some reviews of others' work, just so you know I'm not a fucking egomaniac (sorry mom).


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