Sunday, December 26, 2004

More on Mouré


This emotional current is pure reason. Before reasoning. Before the word "reasoning," which is only a social convention and has nothing to do with pure reason at all. The ordinary language is just a surface pushed up & flat from underneath. It contains the ordinary flat language, but not necessarily the converse.

Then Mouré problematizes:

If there is a name surface then what else is there. Is what is "different" from the surface depth or is it another surface.

But then:

The emotional "depth" under the surface is NOT the culture that occupies the page, with its easy affirmation.

But before that:

PURE REASON is, of its essence, UNreasonable; it can't be itself reasoned or it wouldn't be pure reason. PURE REASON is the source of our reasonableness; our reasonableness (which may or may not be "reasonable") is its flaw. A leak. An uncontrolled space, at the edge. Where the so-called "purity" is already broken.

Trying, between family functions, to determine whether Mouré is positing an essentialist (pure) emotional depth (or perhaps dancing nimbly to avoid doing so). In any case, an interesting argument to orient myself to, given her discussion of prepositions I've quoted below.

LATER: Of course puzzlement and exploration are possibilities, ones that are extremely live.


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