Saturday, December 18, 2004

How I get sidetracked

Okay, Dianne says she finds reading posts boring (she says she finds thinking about what she's reading boring, too), but here goes anyway.

After I posted the text for my talk to the Lexiconjury list (I'll post it here when I've revised it a bit), Katherine Parrish asked me if I'd read Erin Mouré's explorations of the preposition in her book Furious.

Let me lay some on you:

If the preposition can disturb the force of the utterance and phrase: this changes reading. Like the eye reads the TV screen: the screen's multiplicity of repetition creates the image for us, the image not On the screen but embedded IN the repetitions. The THING we are seeing is a MOTION. The Motion before the Name. The image/thing is not object, but act. Not act, but act act act &mdash a continual relation.

If we can read the page as the eye reads the screen. The act of speaking it. The kind of motion that our eyes read not Verb-al, but Preposition-al. On across under toward us...

It is the force of the preposition that alters place! Can its dis-placement of the noun/verb dis-place also naming, dis-placing reality? Even momentarily. Make a fissure through which we can leak out from the "real" that is sewn into us, to utter what could not be uttered in the previous structure. Where we have not been represented, except through Dominant (in this case, patriarchal) speaking, which even we speak, even we women.

I think I'll put Philosophical Investigations to the side for a little while.

This, followed by a rereading of Twilight of the Idols and Beyond Good and Evil, thanks to Neil Hennessy.


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