Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A day and a night at the movies

Saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou yesterday afternoon. I love Wes Anderson's deadpanning, not just in his dialogue but in the very structure of his films. You get halfway through before you realize how thoroughly ridiculous and tragic they are. Despite their comedic vocabulary, there's a glorious flatline feel to his films that allows their darkness to fester.

Also, revisiting the Criterion DVD By Brakhage. Watched Desistfilm, Wedlock House: An Intercourse, Window Water Baby Moving, and The Stars Are Beautiful. Thinking about the spotlighting in Wedlock House and how it folds into the (original) medium but of course not entirely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dana and I saw Life Aquatic yesterday and thought it was amazing. Everything about it. So many rich, beautiful shots. Because of the mixed reviews, though I don't normally read reviews, we wondered... but then when I saw that John Harkness criticized it for being self-indulgent, I knew it'd be great! Whenever films are dissed for self-indulgency, I love 'em. Stu

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