Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The bright side

"On the day after Bush's 3.5 million vote presidential election victory, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank was asked What It All Meant. 'I think a large part of the public likes the conservatives' theme music,' he said. 'Now they will be tested on whether they like the lyrics.' Aside from being a good line from an entertaining and eminently quotable politician, and aside from being an expression of sour grapes--Frank is not only a friend of John Kerry's, but also was angling to take his senate seat if Kerry had won--Frank was alluding to something profound: The Democrats may have won this election by losing it."

(I don't know how grammatically sound that final sentence is, but still, the article is a worthwhile read: via Peter Culley.)

I'll be in New York for a few days. We'll see how the posting goes.


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