Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Some Canadian poets, etc.

I seem to be getting some international traffic today, thanks to Lisa J.'s generous mention. Since you're here, I figure I should introduce you to an incomplete list of Canadian poets you may not know but who you should check out. I'm guessing you're already familiar with the likes of Christian Bok, Margaret Christakos, Darren Wershler-Henry, and Louis Cabri.

You might think of Stuart Ross as Ron Padgett of the north, but there's something all his own in his simultaneously hilarous and mournful poems. He started (with Nicholas Power) the Toronto Small Press Book Fair, writes fiction and runs a micropress, Proper Tales.

Jay MillAr is showing himself to be something of a protean poet, reinventing himself (and perhaps poetry) with each book. He has a micropress called BookThug, an imaginary bookstore called Appolinaire's Bookshoppe, and a monthly talk series, the Speakeasy.

Angela Rawlings is a tireless community builder and a writer of startlingly grainy lyrical poems. She and Bill Kennedy run Toronto's most interesting reading series, Lexiconjury, and the city's most vital annual literary festival, The Scream.

Jon Paul Fiorentino writes confessional poetry that operates on a molecular level. He edits Matrix magazine and lives in Montreal. I gave him the autographed 7" Suede record my university roommate left behind. I was never too big on Suede.

Daniel f. Bradley seems, unless I'm missing something, to have moved away from concrete poetry and into dense works of lexical and psychological association.

Prize Budget for Boys is an art terrorist collective with a new book out from Roof. Check out Pac-Mondrian.

Julia Williams of Calgary's new book is called The Sink House, a whimsical meditation on a love affair between a house and a riverbank. I love what she does with sentences.

Alana Wilcox, Jason "Fancy Pants" McBride, Christina Palassio, Stan Bevington, Rick/Simon, Ollie, John, Nicky, and the rest of the pressmen and binders at Coach House Books work tirelessly to make good books (well, I don't know about that Said Like Reeds or Things one).

More Canadian poets soon. Off to Calgary.


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